In Situ / Painting, Large Scale Installations and more. Malene Landgreen. Projects 2003-2013. Essays by Naja Maria Aidt, Thorbjørn Beckmann, Katya Sander, Maria Gadegaard, Vibeke Petersen og Carsten Juhl.
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Auf Zeit. Wandbilder. Bildwände.

BADEN-BADEN, KUNSTHALLE / BIELEFELD, KUNSTHALLE – Katalog by Johan Holten & Friedrich Meschede. Baden-Baden/Bielefeld 2013.

COLOR STATE Malene Landgreen, Charlottenborg Kunsthal 2009

96 pages with illustrations from the exhibition. Text by: Vibeke Petersen, Senior Research and mag. art (MA) in Art History and Lars Bent Petersen, visual artist and head of the Basic Studies at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Visual Arts.
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her own place malene landgreen in situ projekter 1997- 2003

Book by art historian Tine Nygaard.
The book has three parts: an image suite at 100 pages with photos of all Landgreens in situ projects; works that are unfamiliar to most people, because they are in more or less public spaces across the country. A catalog of all factual information about the in situ projects, the story of their creation. And a unifying text, dealing with Malene Landgreens artistic endeavors both in situ projects and in the paintings. The book has 148 pages and 220 color illustrations.



Scenic Interiors and Spatial Experiences New solutions for event architecture, scenography, media installations, interiors, and stage design. Editors: R. Klanten, L. Feireiss.